My first NMU

Posted on August 25, 2010 with tags debian. See the previous or next posts.

Late last night my first NMU (not counting patches sent to BTS, but only actual NMUs done) entered the archive (after the appropriate DELAYED/xx wait). It even fixes one RC bug…

If you wonder why is my first NMU, and why it took me so long—the answer is that finding RC bugs that I can actually fix is not trivial.

Yep, I know about and about rc-alert, but:

  • all the easy ones (e.g. packaging, etc.) are usually already pending
  • all the old ones are usually hard bugs, requiring greater context switch, and familiarity with the upstream software
  • many are platform specific (e.g. mips/arm/etc.)
  • many are about actual upstream bugs, again requiring familiarity with the software
  • etc.

So my usual attempt at trying to fix RC bugs is to spend 30 minutes scanning the RC bug list, trying to find some bugs I can tackle, then give up in despair.

Assuming I can dedicate only a few hours per week towards fixing RC bugs, how should I proceed? Is it possible with such a small time budget?

Comments welcome, even if telling me I’m just lazy and should try harder :)