My first NMU

Posted on August 25, 2010 with tags . See the previous or next posts.

Late last night my first NMU (not counting patches sent to BTS, but only actual NMUs done) entered the archive (after the appropriate DELAYED/xx wait). It even fixes one RC bug…

If you wonder why is my first NMU, and why it took me so long—the answer is that finding RC bugs that I can actually fix is not trivial.

Yep, I know about and about rc-alert, but:

  • all the easy ones (e.g. packaging, etc.) are usually already pending
  • all the old ones are usually hard bugs, requiring greater context switch, and familiarity with the upstream software
  • many are platform specific (e.g. mips/arm/etc.)
  • many are about actual upstream bugs, again requiring familiarity with the software
  • etc.

So my usual attempt at trying to fix RC bugs is to spend 30 minutes scanning the RC bug list, trying to find some bugs I can tackle, then give up in despair.

Assuming I can dedicate only a few hours per week towards fixing RC bugs, how should I proceed? Is it possible with such a small time budget?

Comments welcome, even if telling me I’m just lazy and should try harder :)