Got my Christmas present!

Posted on December 24, 2013 with tags . See the previous or next posts.

Someone made my day today.

On Friday, I bought something online, hoping that it gets delivered before Christmas. It wasn’t something extraordinary, just some paper (no, I’m not joking). This should have arrived on Monday if shipped by PostPac Priority, but it didn’t, so I assumed it was Economy, so arriving “sometime”.

On Sunday, knowing that it’s already quite late, I made another (online) order, at a webshop that normally (i.e. not during holidays) delivers the next day. Not something too extraordinary again, some more paper (A3+ size this time ☺) and a gadget.

After ordering, I saw the Swiss post website with “latest time to ship packages so that they arrive before Christmas”. At that moment I realised I was too late, and that I won’t get my present(s) in time.

Today, I waited at home until about noon—knowing that it’s unlikely that I’ll get my packages, but still hoping; nothing arrived, so I went into the city to do some errands. When I arrived home around 4 o’clock, there was nothing in my mailbox, and no notice that my delivery was attempted and that I need to pick up things at the post office.

At this moment, I had to give up, but I was a bit down, just like a little boy who was told no present this time. I was hoping that I get at least one package, so I was double disappointed, to say so (spoiled much? first world problem as well, I know, but this post is not about that).

As I got up the stairs, and reaching the door to the apartment, surprise! Not one, but both packages were waiting for me at the door. This happens very, very rarely - normally, I just get the “delivery failed” notice, and I pick the package up next day at the post office. Today, the postman was very nice.

Dear postman: I don’t know who you are, but you had a nice thought and made an effort so that I (a quite spoiled little boy) would get my presents in time. Thanks, and I hope someone gave you a nice present as well!

And happy holidays (of whatever kind you celebrate) to everyone!