First run in 2016

Posted on May 26, 2016 with tags running, sports, life. See the previous or next posts.

Today I finally ran a bit outside, for the first time in 2016. Actually, for even longer—the first run since May 2015. I have been only biking in the last year, so this was a very pleasant change of pace (hah), even if just a short run (below 4K).

The funny thing is that since I’ve been biking consistently (and hard) in the last two months, my fitness level is reasonable, so I managed to beat my all-time personal records for 1 Km and 1 mile (I never sprint, so these are just ‘best of’ segments out of longer runs). It’s probably because I only did ~3.8Km, but still, I was very surprised, since I planned and did an easy run. How could I beat my all-time PR, even better than the times back in 2012 when I was doing regular running?

Even the average pace over the entire run was better than my last training runs (~5Km) back in April/May 2015, by 15-45s.

I guess cross-training does work after all, at least when competing against myself ☺