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Posted on August 26, 2018 with tags . See the previous or next posts.

I’ve enabled on-click Disqus comments on the post pages. I’ve used to run ikiwiki comments a long while ago, which ended up in interesting conversations, but the comment spam was atrocious, so I gave up on them long before I moved from ikiwiki.

Given that Hakyll is purely read-only site generator, it means relying on an external commenting system. And since I don’t want to deal with maintaining such a thing, I have to rely on a third party to do so.

So let’s give Disqus comments a try. I’ve seen them used with good results (speaking as an end-user) on many pages, but you also read about bad experiences with it. So, trial run, let’s see. It might live for less than a day, six months, or until I change things again (not date-ordered events).

The comments are not loaded on-demand, since Disqus is heavy and I don’t want them to track all my visitors, but only on-click. So people will have to click the not-very-obvious “Show/Post comments” link, but at least this seems nicer for feed aggregators/etc.

And yes, the style of the Disqus div does not match my site’s. A battle for another day.