Debian DPL election 2019

Posted on April 19, 2019 with tags . See the previous or next posts.

Just voted! Did you?

As planned for this long weekend (in Switzerland), I went and re-read the platforms, and cast my vote. Which made me very happy, because I voted in the elections for the first time in a long while…

But it didn’t start like that. The first call for nominations ended up with no (valid) nominations, and the follow-up thread was a bit depressing (high load for the DPL role, unclear expectations, etc.) For a time, it looked like the project is drifting, and some of the trolling on the list definitely didn’t help. I managed to prod a bit the thread and there was a nice reply from Lucas which seems to open the gates—the discussion livened up, and after many more meaningful mails, we ended up with 4 candidates. That’s, in my memory, a very good result.

Which means I went and read the platforms multiple times, and tried to follow the campaign as well (not so successful though), and today I cast my vote. After the initial sad result, very happy to see there are still people who are willing to invest significant time into Debian and its future. Thanks all!

Coupled with the (hopefully soon) upcoming Buster release, and the fact that I managed to update all my small packages before it, I feel much better both about Debian and my involvement with it than a year ago.

Now just looking forward to Python 2 removal :)