OS updates are damn easy nowadays!

Posted on October 24, 2023 with tags , . See the previous or next posts.

Living in the future, clearly :)

I’m baffled at how simple and reliable operating system updates have become.

Upgraded Debian bullseye to bookworm, across a few systems, easy. On VMs, it’s even so fast that installing base system from scratch is probably the same time.

But Linux/Debian OFC works well. Shall we look at MacOS? Takes longer, but just runs and reboots a couple of times and then, bam, it’s up and with windows restored.

Surely Windows is the outlier? Nah, finally said yes to the “Upgrade to Win 11?” prompt, and it took a while to download (why is Win/Mac so heavy and slow to download? Debian just flies!), then rebooted a few times, and again, bam, it’s up and GoG and Steam still work.

I swear, there was a time when updating the OS felt like an accomplishment. Now, except for Raspberry Pi OS (“upgrades not supported, reinstall!” but I bet they also work), upgrading an actual OS is just like new Android/iOS version.

And yes, get off my lawn! I still have a lower digit count Slashdot ID 😅