Corydalis: new release and switching to date-versioning

Posted on November 5, 2023 with tags , . See the previous or next posts.

I would like an order of extra free time, please!

After 4 years, I finally managed to tag a new release of Corydalis. There’s nothing special about this specific point in time, but there was also none in the last four years, so I gave up on trying to any kind of usual version release, and simply switched to CalVer.

So, Corydalis 2023.44.0 is up and running on I am 100% sure I’m the only one using it, but doing it open-source is nicer, and I still can’t imagine another way of managing/browsing my photo library (that keeps it under my own control), so I keep doing 10-20 commits per year to it.

There’s a lot of bugs to fix and functionality to improve (main thing - a real video player), but until I can find a chunk of free time, it is what it is 😣.