Life, getting sick and unfit

Posted on December 3, 2023 with tags . See the previous or next posts.

Where's the summer?

Like clockwork, like every autumn, got sick again. “Just” a flu, actually probably two in a row. I don’t really understand it - from January to September I’m feeling really awesome, and I manage to do sports five days a week, or more. Then September comes, and things start degrading, and then October or November, I get sick and it takes me ~3 weeks to recover, during which I’m not even managing reliably 5K steps a day (from walking), not even talking about running or swimming or biking.

My Garmin statistics for November compared to October (which wasn’t a good month either) are depressing. Let’s not even bring up for example July…

I can see three potential pathways:

  • weather is worse, so I don’t do so much sports, so I get unfit and get sick, or
  • weather is not so sunny, so I don’t get enough sun exposure, so I get worse, so I do less sports, so I get sick
  • weather is not so nice, so I stay indoors at the computer, so I get less fit, so I desire to do sports less, etc.

Basically all three pathways are similar, just not sure what’s the root cause (vs. a trigger). I just did a D₃ test, and despite taking regularly supplements, it was below normal range. So clearly somewhere there, lack of vitamin D is a problem. I probably should do a yearly check-up at end of September?

Sigh, I still haven’t found the detailed user manual for Homo Sapiens. If anyone has it, specifically for version late 1900’s, I’d be thankful.

Till next time, hopefully by then things will get better.