New corydalis 2024.9.0 release!

Posted on March 3, 2024 with tags , . See the previous or next posts.

Solving the one _major_ annoyance I had 😎

Obligatory and misused quote: It’s not dead, Jim!

I’ve kind of dropped by ball lately on organising my own photo collection, but February was a pretty good month and I managed to write some more code for Corydalis, ending up with the aforementioned new release.

The release is not a big one, but I did manage to solve one thing that was annoying me greatly: that lack of ability to play videos inline in one of the two picture viewing modes (in my preferred mode, in fact). Now, whether you’re browsing through pictures, or looking at pictures one-by-one, you can in both cases play videos easily, and to some extent, “as it should be”. No user docs for that, yet (I actually need to split the manual in user/admin/developer parts)

I did some more internal cleanups, and I’ve enabled building release zips (since that’s how GitHub actions creates artifacts), which means it should be 10% easier to test this. The rest 90% is configuring it and pointing to picture folders and and and, so this is definitely not plug-and-play.

The diff summary between 2023.44.0 and 2024.9.0 is: 56 files changed, 1412 insertions(+), 700 deletions(-). Which is not bad, but also not too much. The biggest churn was, as expected, in the viewer (due to the aforementioned video playing). The “scary” part is that the TypeScript code is not at 7.9% (and a tiny more JS, which I can’t convert yet due to lack of type definitions upstream). I say scary in quotes, because I would actually like to know Typescript better, but no time.

The new release can be seen in action on, and as always, just after release I found two minor issues:

  • The GitHub actions don’t retrieve the tags by default, actually they didn’t use to retrieve tags at all, but that’s fixed now, just needs configuration, so the public build just says “Corydalis fbe0088, built on Mar 3 2024.” (which is the correct hash value, at least).
  • I don’t have videos on the public web site, so the new functionality is not visible. I’m not sure I want to add real videos (size/bandwidth), hmm 🤨.

Well, there will be future releases. For now, I’ve made an open-source package release, which I didn’t do in a while, so I’m happy 😁. See you!