Here is a bit of information and links to my personal projects.

Current projects

Actively developed:

  • corydalis — photo library management helper and image viewer
  • prefix-units — small Haskell library for formatting/parsing SI units

Not actively developed, but supported:

  • pylibacl — Python posix1e ACLs module.
  • pyxattyr — Python extended attributes module.

Obsolete projects

These are old experiments, or simply things that don't make sense anymore.

  • bakonf Creates an archive with the configuration files of an Unix machine. Probably many other tools work better, but this was good in its time to make small archives of configuration files.
  • cfvers Before the advent of DVCSs, I tried to implement a kind of version systems for configuration files (/etc and the like). I gave up once I realized this can be done in a simpler way via git and/or configuration management systems.
  • pipe-rpc A simple RPC system for Python, written before I realised this can be implemented in a simpler way via asyncore.

My Debian work

Here is my QA page, and here are the bugs related to my packages.

On a related topic, this is my launchpad page, which I have just to help with the state of my Debian packages in Ubuntu.