Here is the list of possibly-interesting documents I've written, or talks I've given.

Google I/O 2012

  • “Running Google on Google”, a talk together with Jeff Bates

    • describes how Google runs its corporate environment using Google products
    • talk page
    • slides

6a Conferenza Italiana sul Software Libero - Ancona 2012

  • “Ganeti development: assuring software quality using open-source workflows”

    • a talk on the ways we do QA in the Ganeti code-base, using open-source workflows, and the issues we are still working on improving
    • html slides

FLOSS UK's annual spring conference 2012

  • “Ganeti for Enterprise virtualisation”

    • describing ways to implement enterprise virtualisation using Ganeti
    • slides

Xen Summit Asia 2011

  • “Xen @ Google, 2011”

    • an updated talk on the way we use Xen at Google
    • describes what open-source and internal components we use to manage virtualisation
    • slides
    • video

ICFP 2010

  • “Experience report: Haskell as a reagent”
    • Note: © ACM, 2010. This is the author's version of the work. It is posted here by permission of ACM for your personal use. Not for redistribution.
    • A paper on the use of Haskell and Python in the same project, based on the experience of developing Ganeti/HTools
    • paper
    • slides

Xen Summit Asia 2008